Monday, July 4, 2011

The Truth About Fireworks

The truth is that I'm scared of fireworks. I have been since I was a little girl. I still am. As I sat outside with a few co-workers and their friends watching the fireworks, a little girl began to cry. She was scared. I could just hear her saying no, crying, and I saw her burying her head in her mom's chest.

I sympathized with her.

Not in the "oh-if-I-were-a-little-girl-like-you-I'd-be-scared-too, I understand" kind of way. But in the "I'm-also-scared-and-if-you-were-really-looking-you'd-see-me-choking-back-my-own-tears" kind of way.

Yes... I'm that afraid of fireworks.

But I sat out there and watched, tears in my eyes, heart racing and all (all from fear mind you) because they were so BEAUTIFUL!

And yeah, I dunno why I felt the need to force myself to sit through something that was obviously terrifying. But as I observed the different beautiful shapes the explosions were making... As I noticed that intense bursts of light that accompanied the frightening sound, I became a little more comfortable. No, one night of watching fireworks didn't cure me of my fear. Not by far... But I learned something.

Sometimes it's JUST like that with love....

We're terrified of the fireworks. Maybe it's because of an experience we had before. The fireworks only lead to 3rd degree burns. Maybe it's just sounds scary to us. But it's so beautiful sometimes we just put ourselves through it even though we're scared. And the more we immerse ourselves in it, we realize the beauty in it. Sure, it doesn't make it any less scary to allow our hearts to collide with someone else's... But we do it. And we end up really enjoying it.


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