Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sexy Little Things

The things that make you float when you walk, 
the things that put a little confidence in your talk.
The sexy little everyday things...

I'm feelin myself today. Not in an Cocky/Arrogant kind of way, but in a confident secure kind of way. Maybe it's because of the little goodies I bought for myself today.

It only takes a few little things to make me feel sexy sometimes... They're usually my sexy little secrets such as...
  • Wearing Cute underwear under sweats and a t-shirt, even though no one can see it.
  • Showering with a new delicious smelling body wash that no one but me will probably smell.
  • Freshly shaved legs under jeans. The feeling of fabric on freshly shaved legs is DIVINE...


I feel the sexiest when my femininity is hidden in a place that you have to be close to me to experience. I mean, yeah, I wear the occasional (or frequent) low cut shirts that display my buxom bosom... And sure I feel quite sexy when I do... but there's nothing like my Secret Little Sexy Things that get me going.

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