Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Undress Me

I believe vulnerability is so necessary....
I believe it's also rare.

Do I look exasperated... This remix challenge is doing it!!!

Well, it’s coming off. All of it.
Layer by layer. 
This fabric that I have spent time weaving
Each piece. 
Bare Naked and standing here in front of

I’m vulnerable. 
Because you haven’t seen me like this before.
Sure, my garment may have been quite sheer. 
You may have seen right thru it. 
But the fact remains you were still looking at cloth
So, it’s coming off

Don’t be scared. I’m still me
Just a little less me than what you thought I’d be
Hope you like what you see
But if not, oh well it’s me
Warning: You can look but don’t touch
That may be a little too much
For me to handle right now.

DAY 6:

I LOVE to cook

I was making homemade fresh pasta

Separating Eggs
Some may call me a Jack of All trades because my passions are Cooking, Music, and Poetry... But I like to call myself a Master of one.

When I cook, it's not just to satiate my rumbling stomach, but to satisfy my compelling desire to create. 

I create works of art
that are good for my heart! :)

My poetry, my music, and my cooking are all an extension of my essence. It's the way I communicate my passion to the world.


And it NEVER hurts to wear a pair of sexy shoes while cooking a sexy meal.


AND now that I'm caught up....

I've heard a man say before that the sexiest question he'd heard a woman ask was
What's the score....

Well gents... Sorry! I'll never be asking that question. It's because I already know the score.... I wrote the score!

Yeah... That's me... The soundtrack to your life... if you want, I'll write it. I score out all my strings and winds for my pop songs, classical songs, r&b songs or whatever songs (I tend to incorporate orchestral instruments into all genres... I think it adds a bit of sass and class)  and import them into garageband (until I get a better quality recording software.

MUSIC is my Pent-Ultimate Passion :)

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