Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I don't want to but I'm prolly gana cheat on you

... Yeah you!!!

(I'm talking to my 30 for 30 remix challenge) 

See, a part of this delightful little challenge is not to shop for the whole 30 days. And typically this is not a HUGE problem for me, as I'm not a shopaholic... at least not when it comes to clothes. 


Darn the stupid e-mails from the stupid stores with stupid discounts of up to... Wait for it...


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But the truth is... I've already cheated. See, my job requires me to wear a uniform. (I'm a security guard)
And typically I work nights, but for the past 4 and prolly next 2 weeks, I've been (and will be) on days. Meaning, I don't get to always wear my outfits of choice. But so as not to poop out on the challenge, even though I didn't go anywhere after work yesterday...

I STILL put on clothes and took pictures.

Day 2: FOR THE WIN!!!


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