Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dirty Minds

I gather up my dirty,
my broken...
I store it in a deep space, hidden in a dark closet
One day I'll take it out and wash it.
But by that time, the stains will be set in.

Don't judge me, but while I'm on my 30 for 30 I have only been washing those clothes and my work uniform and of course underwear. But I have a hamper FULL of dirty clothes that I just won't wash... For many reasons. One... Laundry is $3 per load. Two... It's too darn inconvenient.

But I wonder... If I leave my dirty clothes dirty that long will I cause irreparable damage to them? Set in stains and what nots....

Which lead me to thinking about how we sometimes approach our problems. Our dirty little secrets. Sometimes it's easy to keep them hidden behind closed doors because it's gana cost a few tears right now to pull em out and deal with them. It may inconvenience us a tad to pull them out and clean em. But I wonder... the dirty, trifling, smelly....

How long can we keep our dirty hidden before it starts causing irreparable damage to our relationships, to our peace, to our livelihood....

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