Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bad head

Because it took a while to get my pictures back for my past few days of my 30 for 30 I tried to put them all in one blog (found here) But I left out a day (Day 8) which messed up my count. Charge it to the head, not the heart.

My Friend that has been shooting me for my 30 for 30 outfit choices teased me that day because most of my shots turned out sexy... 

Why are all your shots sexy at the playground. I'm gana make an album and call it the Playground Vixen!

I DIED!!!! 
I commenced the making of a song called Cougar Love and My homie (who is a poet) and I are gana release an EP entitled Playground Vixen... Look out for it....

I deleted most of the sexy shots, though, because I really wanted today's shoot to be about releasing the inner child. We as adults are so business and goal oriented that we lose the fun in life. We don't enjoy the process anymore. I can't remember the last time before today that I actually swung on a swing. And I go to that park a lot. Not to play, I run ran thru it on my morning 3 mile run (that I used to do last year.... This summer it's been WAY too hot plus I work mornings now).

Needless to say, life of an adult isn't as yielding to child-like releases as some of us wish it were.  But we need fun! Too much stress leads to early death.


I had fun!!!

Kicked off my shoes...

I even found a dime!
(I think that was just confirmation that I'm a dime, LOL)

Nurture (\ˈnər-chər\):  To supply with nourishment, to educate, to further the development of.
For children, playing isn't just fun or something they do to pass time. That playtime is essential to their nurturing. This is how they grow, how they learn even. Then as adults we somehow thing we have nothing left to learn and no more room to grow. It's a fallacy. We need to learn to nurture ourselves and sorry to inform you, your 9-5 job is not going to cut it.

I found a website once using StumbleUpon that gave 100 ways to nurture yourself. I think you should check it out because I'm not going to list them all but just some of the ones that stood out to me.
100 Ways to Nurture Yourself
  • Take a walk without a destination. – It’s a great way to get some exercise and clear your mind.  Be mindful of what you see, hear and feel.
  • Create something. – Many of us have gotten away from actually making things.  Create some artwork.  Write something.  Build something.  Make something that didn’t exist before.  It can be functional or frivolous – as long as you enjoy the process.
  • Get out into nature. – Reconnecting with the earth is just good for your soul. Feel the breeze.  Breathe the fresh air.  So good!
  • Be silly every now and again. – We take ourselves entirely too seriously.  Let go.  Be spontaneous and outrageous!


Everyone around you will thank you... Self included.


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