Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Why Americans are fat (Yeah I said it)

A french man once told me that I have a nice body for an American. He said most Americans are big... I didn't think too much of it... Then.

I walked to CVS today to get some chips so I could make my lunch. As I was walking back, I opened the bag and commenced eating the chips. 1 chip, 2 chips, and then 3 chips. In my head I was rationalizing it with "I think corn chips are healthy so it's okay to eat them". ( told myself that last week was my last week to pig-out before I put myself back on my health routine)  I turned over the bag to read the ingredients... Corn, Canola (corn) oil, and salt... I was like, "these ARE healthy"...

Till I read the Nutrition Facts. No, there was nothing that was inherently unhealthy in the nutrition facts. What I did see was the serving size.
1 oz (approx. 10 chips)

WHAT?? I had already eaten 3 chips. What kind of meal was this going to be anyway (I was making some interesting semblance of taco salad.)

So as I prepared my lunch, ( I used 15 chips in addition to the 3 I had already eaten) I began to process, and this is what was going through my mind.

Why Americans are fat

Number 1: We eat too darn much

Portion control is almost unheard of. We go to the restaurants and want food heaped on our plates. Buffets are all the rage. We don't even LOOK at the serving sizes. The bag of chips I was eating today I could probably have eaten in 1 or 2 seatings EASILY but the nutrition facts approximated 11 servings in that bag (based on the 10 chip per serving). We supersize everything! Most meals that we eat can easily be distributed among 2-3 people. One of my french friends said she was surprised at how much Ice Cream they put on the cone at McDonald's. She expected half the amount. Many Americans claim that it's not even enough.

Number 2: We eat too darn fast

We look at mealtime as another thing to check off on our long list of things to do. We eat on the go. We snack when we miss meals. A TRAVESTY! It's been documented that the slower you eat your food, the more satisfied you become and the less of it you eat. Also, when you eat on the go, many times you don't even pay attention to how much food you're really eating. In other countries, meal time is taken seriously. You sit, you eat a little, you talk, you relax. You enjoy your food and you fill up on a small portion instead of shoving food down as a thing to do.

Okay realistically, this list could be much longer, but I will just pay attention to these two things because, it's actually discipline that can reverse these two issues. If we start training ourselves to discipline ourselves when it comes to food, the rest of the issues will also be non-issues. We only have one life to live... Let's try to live our best lives... EAT WELL!!!


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