Sunday, March 20, 2011

Day 7: Friends, Fun, and Fish Eggs

Last night was Ladies Nite.

3 of my girlfriends and I went out to The Scene and had sushi nite. I had spicy tuna roll last week and my friend Katrina ordered spicy tuna roll minus the red tobiko, so that's what I ordered and it was good except I had to pick the avocado out because I don't like avocados. Well this time, I decided I'd try it with the red tobiko...

What is tobiko?

It's fish eggs. LOL. So I was being adventurous, cuz one of the most unappetizing things to me has always been the idea of fish egss. But I thought, well... I AM eating raw fish...

I must say, it was fun. They were tiny, and they really basically just add a bit of crunchy texture to your sushi. In fact, if you order the roll without red tobiko, they put sesame seeds on it, for a similar texture.

I had a great fun last nite with my friends and my fish eggs. I think I'll try something new again next weekend.

I love my Ladies!!!!
Mine with the red tobiko and if you look across you can see how it looks without

Katrina AKA Ms. Kitty

Mandy My Love
Sophia (my best friend) was also there but she refused to take pictures.


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