Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where the heart is

My state citizenship is a topic of an ongoing joke amongst many of my friends. I'm from Oakland, CA. Born there and lived there until I was twelve. At which point I moved to South Bend, IN and lived there until I was 18. Now I live in Huntsville, AL. So when asked where I'm from I say California; My friends like to joke on me and say I'm from Indiana, though in reality I identify more with Alabama than I do any of the other places I've lived, even though I lived in Cali for the longest out of any of them.

I don't have ties to any city. I could move today and not feel any kind of way. I think when my mom uprooted me from all that was familiar and tried to replant me, I learned not to let my roots grow too deep. I have a few friends here that I'd miss, but not enough to tie me down.

Sometimes, I feel like I have no home. I feel like a constant visitor...

That is, until I log onto facebook and see the life that my family is living while I'm away. Or when I hear the news that one of my cousins passed away. When my cousin has a baby and I'm not there to hug her. When my sister is feeling low, and I'm not there to hold her.

And then it hits me...
My family is my lifes blood, the central beat of my soul. Wherever they are, is where I want to be.
Where my heart is, that's home.


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