Monday, January 3, 2011

Where have all the {recipes} gone!?!?!

I noticed I had a lot of commenters and readers when I had more recipes and food based things in my blog. I bet you all are wondering, WHERE ARE THE RECIPES???

Well the truth is, I haven't cooked since Christmas, and even then I was soooo swamped, I didn't have time to take pics and remember my recipes like I normally do when I cook for myself. So I don't have much to tell you all...

Except, I'm working hard on my hair business... I'm a licensed cosmetologist, but up until now I haven't been very consistent doing hair and I'm trying to pick it up, only thing is... I'm working out of my apartment.

Which is usually cool for friends and family, and one of the clients I had when I was in a salon is still coming to me at the house. But now that I'm trying to build my business and I've started a few marketing ideas, the question comes to mind, will anyone be interested in getting their hair done at my house????

So i ask you, if you received a postcard mailer in your mailbox for specials and discount offers for a hairstylist that was working out of her house, would you be prone to checking it out, or would you write it off as inferior. (BE HONEST!)


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