Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Touch Me

Social Networks...

What can I say. In this day of twitter, facebook, phones that are abut 500 MB away from being computers, etc., human beings are in constant contact... Which would seem like a good thing, except, now... instead of talking we text. Instead of visiting, we skype. So when it comes to real communication and effective relationships, we fall short. We can't have deep discussions, because there is a character limit to our thought processes.


If you're thinking about someone, don't pull up your browser and chat them. Call them. Visit them. Humans were made for intimate contact and connection. We crave it. And somehow we think that increasing our number of friends or followers will satiate our desire. Au contrair darlin...

As for me, sometimes... I just want to touch.
To feel the electrifying tingle of a brush against my skin.
To LOL and not have to tell because you hear me.
To really SMH and let you see me.
To be me.
You know what I like because you know me,
Forget a thumbs up...


Come cuddle up with me, lets have a meal.
And to all my homegirls, come on, let's chill.


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