Monday, January 31, 2011

Modern Day Explorers

"There is NOTHING to do in [Insert your city here]..."
For some of you living in larger cities like Atlanta (cough cough Ms Fashionista Next Door ) or New York, you may not have this complaint. But I live in Huntsville, AL...

What? You never heard of it?


So I hear that complaint all the time. There's nothing to do in Huntsville. "Huntsville is soooo boring" they say. To which I typically respond, only boring people get bored. (Someone told me that in high school once and I never forgot it.)

But it's true.  Your experience anywhere is only what you make of it. Sometimes you gotta get out there and look.


Like Columbus, the great explorer, I too "discovered" a new place.  You know, except, it was already inhabited. Last night when I couldn't sleep I took to playing on my still-new-to-me phone. I started messing with the navigation and stumbled across a function to find places near you. Gas stations, restaurants, bars, coffee shops. So, I decided that since I was craving breakfast food, I'd look for a new breakfast nook and coffee spot (After staying up all night I was going to need to be caffeinated to stay up all day). I stumbled upon Olde Towne Coffee Shoppe.

A full review will come in a later blog, but an abbreviated version of what I found was a portal to the "undiscovered" world that's been right in my face the whole time. Not just that Old Towne Coffee Shoppe was that great (which it was pretty fabulous) but it offered me a peek into other inconspicuos places in huntsville just roaring with culture.  I'm soooo excited to check out the food scenes, music scenes and everyday life scenes that Huntsville has to offer.

I only say this to challenge EVERYONE... Treasure is rarely on the surface. To find anything worthwhile, you have to look for it, so get out there and become a modern day explorer.

Happy Hunting


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