Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Empty calories

I'm so hungry I could eat that proverbial horse and not feel any kind of way about it. It feels like I haven't eaten today. But I did. 5 hours ago.


Oh you say that's a long time and I should be hungry? Well, that is very true BUT, it's atypical for me. See, what I've learned is that food with substantial nutritional value actually keeps you full longer. And that is not just information that I read or heard and am now spewing off, that's experiential. And it's free for you today. :)

Anytime I eat even just a small homecooked meal like a piece of chicken and some rice or even some Potato Soup , it lasts me MUCH longer than the BIGGEST meal I can supersize up to from the fast food joints.

This is what I ate today

And let's talk about how clear the camera on my phone is.  This picture looks exactly like the food looked in front of me! LOL

But I digress.

Eating nutrional food is not just good for your body, it's good for your pocket. I bought this meal (with lemonade that was too sweet... not pictured) for $7.25 today and yesterday. That's $14.50 and I'm HUNGRY!

That $14.50 would buy me 2 whole chicken legs, a bottle of white wine, some butter some parsley, some angel hair pasta and some green beans; enough to make 4 meals (look out for upcoming recipe for that menu) and there'd prolly be enough money for a small dessert.

All in fast food is just empty calories. They give you just enough energy to think you can do something then you crash and burn at the most inopportune times. :(

So Hungry.


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