Monday, January 3, 2011


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I never make New Years Resolutions... But this year is gana be a semi exception. But instead of one resolution, I'm making a 2011 Bucket List.


Before 2011 kicks the bucket I shall have accomplished these things... I thought I'd share my bucket list with you all and give all of my followers an opportunity to create one of their own. It'd be even more incredible if every interested party would email me and let me know if they're down for it. These things are so much more fun when you do 'em together. Just E-mail me, letting me know you're gana be a part of the challenge. All I need is your name and blog address. I will compile a link list soon after.

Official "Rules"

1. Post a new blog letting all your followers know you're gana start a Bucket List 2011. Your list can be as extensive or as brief as you want it to be.
2. Post a link back to this blog so that anyone of your followers interested in starting will be able to look at the "rules"
2. Any blog you post having to do with the Bucket List, just label it Bucket2011.
3. You can join the Bucket List 2011 challenge at anytime during the year, of course it'll be better to join as early as possible.

I hope more than me is just interested in this thing. It'll be fun I promise! ;)

Happy Blogging

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