Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guess Who's BACK

I have been gone for a long time against my will and it's been KILLING ME!!!!!

The internet hasn't been working properly for two weeks so I couldn't blog, but


And with a slightly new idea on how to make my blogs more interesting and diverse with out being to scatterbrained....

So once a week I'll do a product review (Food related mostly), Once a week I'll do a "this vs. that" segment where I compare two foods that are the same but different. LOL. For instance, a quiznos turkey sub vs Subway, or Homemade Pasta vs store bought... ETC... A DIY day, for around the house. Natural hair and skin care remedies... etc

And of course the tried and true recipe blogs... And with the Holiday Season in full effect, you'll see lots of goodies: desserts (YAY), soups, and Seasonal food items.

So follow along as I explore the world of my love for all things artsy, fun, tasty, and beautiful!!! :)


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