Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Artist Review: Amy Winehouse

Okay Then... A little stray from my typical foodie stuff, but in case you don't remember or just haven't read my profile... my two passions are food AND MUSIC... with Music actually ranking first. And today seems as good a day as any to do a review on a MUST-HEAR artist.

This one isn't underground, or even new. And based on the amount of Grammy nomminations she has had, I'd dare say she's not unknown or completely underrated...


Her bad press due to her addiction has been allowed to overshadow her talent, and I kid you not folks... She is one of the more talented artists that the 2000s has seen. So I'm going to attempt to bring back to light the reason ANYONE has heard her name to begin with.

Disclaimer: This is not an objective review. I'm writing about Amy because I LOVE Amy! So you're only gana hear good things. Brace yourself.

Amy Winehouse, a songstress from England has a really jazzy soulful vibe.  It's actually more jazz than soul, but not explicitly jazz so I'm stuck in labeling her. But her voice brings amount the thoughts of ancient Jazz greats such as Sarah Vaughn.

What I Like About Amy

Jazz music is really about technique, in my opinion... which I believe is a valid opinion. Whether vocal Jazz or instrumental Jazz, the point that usually comes across is highly stylized technique. The lyrics for Jazz music are usually simple to complement the intricacy of the accompaniment. 
In Amy's case, her lyrical content is quite intricate. She paints pictures and tells stories with her words, but she does it in such a way that she's not actually telling you straight out. I would consider her the Jazz equivalent of a hip-hop artist, whose primary emphasis is lyricism.   

Amy Winehouse has music steeped in a very familiar sound (Jazz/Soul) But what she does with it is so new that you can't help but take her bait and follow her to see where she goes. Most of her music is orginally, self written music, tho she does do some covers.  There aren't other artists out that are like Amy Winehouse.

Raw Talent
This chick can SING! No... Wait.... This chick can SANG!!! And her voice isn't bounded to one particular sound. Sometimes it's sweet and melodic, sometimes it's raw and gritty. Her ballads are awesome, her swings are awesome... And when she does full acoustic work you can hear the richness in her voice that is not enhanced by some computer program (read: AUTOTUNE)

Raw Emotion
Some music is good but it just doesn't connect, simply because the artist can't connect with what they're saying. But Amy's music is so emotional. You feel it because she feels it... Good or bad, her music reflects her life...

Amy Winehouse has two Albums.... Frank and Back to Black... Frank was released in the UK in 2003 and in the US in 2007. Back to Black was released in 2006. Over here, Back to Black was her first album. And it's GREAT, but with my two cents, FRANK WAS MUCH BETTER>>> However there are gems on both of them so if all you know of Amy Winehouse is the song "Rehab" GET TO YOUTUBE and look her up. If you know ANYTHING about good music, you will love her like I do.

Happy Listening

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