Thursday, October 21, 2010

To-May-to vs To-Mah-to

I don't mean to pick, but...

You're vs. Your
I know... They're sooooo similar and sometimes you get confused. So much so that you use them interchangeably, and I guess if I read the sentence enough times I know what you're TRYING to say but...

You're: This word is a contraction for You are... simple as that. If you can't place "You Are" in the sentence where YOU'RE trying to place "you're" ...


Your:  Indicates possesion. Example: This is YOUR shoe.

 This is you're shoe. BAD BAD BAD...
Your coming to dinner. BAD BAD BAD
I hope you're coming to dinner because I have your shoe here waiting for you. GOOD GOOD GOOD


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