Sunday, October 17, 2010

SpoilMe Saturday

About 2 months ago I began dating myself. I take myself out every Saturday night. Whether it's just to the dollar movie or something more high end I have found it to be the most necessary thing in my life right now.  Well I LOVE sushi. So I decided that every pay weekend, I'd implement Sushi Saturday. But since that decision was made, I have not had sushi saturday ONCE. (smh) BUT... every pay weekend I do cook myself a special meal, and I try to splurge on entertainment. So instead of Sushi Saturday, I've implemented
"Spoilme Saturday". Last pay week I made Herb Encrusted Pan Seared Tuna with sides of Cilantro Pepper Rice and Green Beans with Balsamic Butter glaze (recipes all in aforementioned link). YUMMM!!! This week...

Filet Mignon
topped with Red Wine Sauce 
Carmelized Onions and Bleu Cheese
Thyme Roasted Sweet Potatoes
Soy Ginger Broccoli

OH MY GOSH!!!! It was PHENOM! And the price for the meal prolly came to a total of about 10 dollars. Whereas a filet at most steakhouses will run you upwards of 25 dollars. Just a thought.

Sidebar: It took me forEVER to learn how to cook a meal for just one person. Now that I've mastered it, I have mixed emotions about it. Does that man I'm doomed for singlehood? LOL. And also, when my meals are SUPERB... there are no leftoevers!! :(


Filet Mignon w. Red Wine Sauce

Dried Rosemary
Onion Powder
Dried Oregano
Kosher Salt
Black Pepper
8 oz filet
Olive Oil

OKAY... so for the filet DO NOT MARINATE!!!! filets are very tender cuts of meat already and to marinate in something acidic will make the texture much too mushy. YUCK! Instead, make a dry rub to season it. filets also tend to be more bland than other cuts of meat because they have much less fat.. so what you gain in texture you lose in flavor, but no fear. This recipe is so flavorful you will not regret it.

Bring steak close to room temp. I try not to cook any of my food straight out of the fridge, especially meats and eggs. I've read somewhere that it just gets a better cook at room temp and I believe it. Mix first 5 ingredients together. This will be your dry rub. I used my fingers to get the spices ground as fine as I could. You can use a mortar and pestle if you have one. Sprinkle the dry rub on all sides of the steak.

Heat olive oil in a pan on medium high heat for about 5 mins. Place filet in pan and sear for about 4 minutes on both sides. DO NOT DISCARD DRIPPINGS!!!!

Red Wine Sauce:
Chicken Stock
(or beef stock or veggie stock. I actually used chicken broth because I had no stock)
Red Wine (I used Shiraz)
Balsamic Vinegar
Brown Mustard
Kosher Salt
Black Pepper
Dried Thyme

Turn heat on saute pan down to low. Mince Shallots. Saute them in the pan drippings from the steak just until translucent (be careful not to burn them). Turn burner up to high. Pour in equal amounts of chicken stock and red wine (measurements are all up to you. I didn't use any I just eyed it :). Bring liquid to a high boil and let reduce by about half. Turn burner down to medium high heat and add balsmamic vinegar and mustard. Let reduce to desired consistency. Turn heat off. Add butter. Add Salt Pepper and Thyme to taste.
(Original Recipe: How to make a Red Wine Sace but these are my alterations with what I had on hand, (and I also didn't measure anything.)

Carmelized Onions

Sliced Onions

Thyme Roasted Sweet Potatoes

(inspired by a recipe I found on
1/2 a sweet potato chopped
Olive Oil
Dried Thyme
Chopped Garlic
Kosher Salt

Toss all ingredients together and put in covered bowl overnight. Roast at 300 degrees until slightly crispy around some edges.

Soy Ginger Broccoli

Olive Oil
Fresh Ginger, minced
Red Pepper Flakes
Soy Sauce
Orange Juice
Broccoli Florets

Saute ginger in olive oil over medium heat for 2-3 minutes. Add Red Pepper flakes and salt. Stir. Add soy sauce. Mixture will bubble up quickly and start to thicken. remove from heat when this happens so it doesn't burn. Add just enough orange juice to loosen up mixture and deglaze pan. Stir. Add Broccoli Florets. Mix thoroughly. Cover and cook over medium heat just until broccoli is bright green and still crispy. Turn heat off and let the steam cook it the rest of the way. This prevents over cooking.

Doesn't this look PHENOMENAL!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Eating


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