Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Freezer Burnt

This just in: Do Not... I repeat
DO NOT!!!!!

freeze this soup. So...

Remember the Roast Chicken Soup that was sooooo PHENOMENAL? (Recipe in "Roast Chicken Soup" blog).

Yeah it was great. I made a huge pot... Since I love soup and I'm one person, I decided to freeze a few bowls so i'd have them on command... Reheated one today.


I dunno if it's cuz I reheated it in the microwave or what it was... All I know is that it wasn't the same soup. It was something else... :( I'm gana try to reheat the next bowl in a pot over the stove and see how that does, but in the future I know... CAN'T FREEZE THAT SOUP!


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