Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cheese and Apples

Move over Cheese and Crackers... A new snack is in town!!!!!! I don't think there's anything (aside from peanut butter) that goes better with a sweet, juicy, crispy apple then some beautiful pieces of aged cheddar cheese.

I was at earth fare this past friday. I was in the cheese section cuz I had to buy the Bleu Cheese for my filet Mignon. Then (because I LOVE cheese, I started scoping the other cheeses and my fav section came up (Cheddar of course). I saw a tiny block of 8 year aged (or 8 months... can't quite remember) cheddar cheese and I thought... hey I'll try it. It was mad expensive, but they sold it in a small square that came out to 4.80 so I figured... WTH... go ahead...


They were sampling this other cheese, (which was much more expensive... $30/ lb to be exact. but it was on sale for $18.99/lb...) But it was PHENOMENAL!!!!!!! so I bought the smallest square I could find. It cost me $5.32.

But I couldn't think of ANY dish I could use that tiny little bit of cheese on... And I didn't want to waste $30 cheese on any old random dish. so as I was preparing my meals for the day, I decided I'd take some to go along with my Honeycrisp Apple...


If you've never had cheddar cheese aged in cloth GO GET SOME IMMEDIATELY... Has the texture more like parmesan cheese, the sharpness and mouthfeel of a good creamy cheddar. There are WONDERFUL amazing notes to this cheese. PLEASE... I BEG YOU!!! TRY this cheese. Even if you buy just one ounce (cuz it really is quite expensive. I could buy a pair of shoes for the same price of a lb of this cheese). But.... try it... I promise you won't hate it. And you will most likely fall in love :)

Happy Eating


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