Thursday, October 14, 2010

Au Naturale

So, I'm a sucker for all things natural. I get it from my momma. The whole GREEN movement everyone's all about these days... well, I was suckered into that trap at an EARLY age... Now, I have no beef with non natural methods, but somehow they either A, proclaim too many unnatural side effects, or I'm scared that somehow they're gana mutate my body. LOL. Because of this, I rarely take pain medication for anything: headaches (even migraines), cramps, toothaches... You name it, if I can help it I'm looking up a natural remedy for it.

But I digress.

My scalp has been incessantly dry for some stupid odd reason for a while now. I can get NO relief. It's always itchy, usually flaky... Sigh. Now because I have a background in cosmetology (read: I'm a licensed, but non practicing cosmetologist) I'm big on my hair care and styling products. So I use my ultra moisturizing shampoo and scalp calming conditioner. Still nothing. I thought about buying some natural shampoos and conditioners, but something occured to me...

9 times out of 10 the products named "natural" are just as much chemicals as the other, they just add a little extract here and there to make it more natural. Soooo, I decided to go for what I know.

So for a quick Hair 101 lesson, your hair (skin and nails too) is naturally acid based and is at it's healthiest beween 4.5-5.5 on the pH scale. To keep it here, you don't want to use anything with too high of an alkalinity on your hair without balancing it back by using something of a low acid. A general rule is acids are good for your hair, alkalines (or bases) are less good. But most shampoos are alkaline based. And very high at that. The reason for that is the alkaline opens the hair shaft and allows the soaps to penetrate and clean.


Your hair doesn't really need that.

Courtesy of google images

Has anyone every checked out Arm and Hammers MILLIONS of ways to use baking soda? From cooking to cleaning, baking soda is soooo versatile. Well, Baking soda is also about an 8 on the pH scale making it a low alkaline and PERFECT for gently cleansing your hair. So I put the baking soda on my wet hair and massaged just as if I were lathering up my scalp with shampoo. then rinsed it



I was researching to find what natural remedies are good for dry itchy scalp and two of them are rosemary and thyme and since I had some fresh rosemary and thyme trying to go bad in my fridge, I boiled them into a strong tea. I poured it on my hair and concentrated on my scalp. Rubbed it in and put a plastic cap on for about 30 mins. Then Rinse


Everybody knows that mayonaise is about the best conditoner for your hair. I'll tell you the most important components of it. Egg, Oil and Vinegar. Egg is full of fat and protein which is important for the building of your hair (protein that is) and Vinegar... well it's about a 2 on the pH scale so it will bring your hair back down to a good acid balance. Put the mayonaise on the hair. Plastic Cap it up for about 20-30 mins. Rinse with COLD water.


Now, my hair is extremely soft right now, scalp is nowhere near as dry and it took 10 hours for me to notice any itching and still the itching isn't that bad. Prior to this, I could wash it and the itching would be back in 30 mins. So... NATURAL IS ALWAYS BETTER.

And you heard it here first :)


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