Thursday, September 23, 2010

What are they putting in my veggies??

Better this...



The choice seems obvious huh? I mean who wants rotten produce??

I DO!!!!!!
And No, I'm not gross or anything. Hear me out.

I spent many years shopping at Wal-Mart solely. I mean, it's a one stop shop. Everything from food to Oil Change you can get at Wal-Mart. But they started pissing me off so I started shopping Publix. Now mind you, Publix produce is PHENOMENAL! (or so I thought).

So this past week, I did my produce and meat shopping at Earth Fare, (read "My Accidental Experiment" for details.) I bought food for a week. Now this is not remarkable. I usually buy food for a week. Because I know the food will keep for a week and I won't have time through the week to shop so that's perfect. But I digress.

I got halfway thru my week and noticed that a lot of my produce was starting to look a little iffy. (sad face) I didn't want it to go bad, and I was also confused... WHY IS MY FOOD GOING BAD SO QUICKLY...  But then I thought, "Why shouldn't it? In fact... hold the phone... Why has the food I've gotten from Publix and Wal-mart seemed to be everlasting even though it was labeled perishable? WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO MY PRODUCE???"

See, on farms, they pick their food every day. In other countries they go to the food markets EVERY DAY. They do this because FRESH FOOD IS PERISHABLE!!! It shouldn't shock me that my food is going bad. It should shock me when it lasts. And furthermore, I can't IMAGINE what the stuff they put to preserve my fresh veggies is doing to my insides.


I want my food to go bad. Well, in an ideal world I'll eat it all before it goes bad. But just in case I fail to, I want to know that it will go bad. Bump that plastic food.


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