Wednesday, September 29, 2010

So I went to the farmer's market... AGAIN (I'm hooked).

I didn't have anything in my house to make a meal of. Really all I had was rice, which don't get me wrong... I can make a meal of rice because I LOVE it! But I'm tryna to keep my diet balanced... ya know
So, I tried to plan a couple of quick meals to put together for the day. Didn't come up with anything concrete, but I headed to the farmer's market anyway, thinking I'd get some inspiration from what I saw.  I also needed a few ingredients for Tomorrow's Chicken soup.

I found out that Wednesday is the day to shop there (or so I think) cuz the food people were delivering fresh items. Fresh produce, there was fresh bread on the racks... so I bought a loaf. and it felt real soft. I got excited. But out of the wonderful things I bought at the farmer's market... I fell short of my goal. I still didn't have any cohesive or well balanced meals.

So I did something that's TOTALLY outta character for me...
I went to Earth Fare...

No, going to Earth Fare is not out of character. HOWEVER, I have to pass my school to go to Earth Fare and since I knew I was gana need food for the rest of the week I knew that whatever I bought I was gana have to drive BACK past my school to go home and put items in the fridge then prepare meals real quick then go to school. I almost gave up and decided to make today a fast food day (BLECK!!!) But... I went to Earth Fare.

I saw some AMAZING things (bought some of them), and for lunch today I settled on a wonderful Turkey Pastrami sandwich with a side of vegetable chips. IT WAS DELIGHTFUL! The bread had such a sexy velvety texture and the veggies I added to it gave it a zip that you don't find in an ordinary deli meat sandwich.

Turkey Pastrami Sandwich
Bread (I used fresh made whole wheat)
Turkey Pastrami
Muenster Cheese
Course Ground Spicy Brown Mustard
Baby Spinach
Red Pepper
Red Onion

YUMMM!!! The spinach instead of lettuce really does wonders for upping the nutritional value and adding a flavor twist. Try this sandwhich today. Quick, easy, tasty and healthy.

Happy Eating


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