Thursday, September 30, 2010

Roast Chicken Soup

So in the past 3 months I've roasted AT LEAST 10 chicken... AT LEAST!!! And not to toot my own horn but...


I've become pretty DARN good at it.

But I digress. This blog is not about my ability to roast chickens, but about the application of roasted chicken in life. See, if you roast a chicken, there are soooo many meals you can get out of it. I ate it as was for two meals ( also shared with some friends). I chopped some of it up and topped a wonderful spinach salad with it. And when the chicken is close to done but not quite, my FAVORITE part comes. ROAST CHICKEN SOUP! See, in the fall, I can't help myself. I LOVE soup! I fixed chili the other day. I ate quite a bit and froze two containers. And now that I got to the carcass of my chicken it was time to make my famous chicken soup.

Roast Chicken Soup
Carcass of a Roast Chicken (recipe in "Leftover Days")
with some of the meat still on it
about 1 cup of Great White Northern beans
3 Carrots
6 small creamer potatoes
1/2 a sweet potato
2 fresh cayenne peppers
Green pepper
(Fresh Ginger)
(Fresh Rosemary)
(Green onions)
chopped red onions
Kosher Salt
1 cinnamon stick
Dried Rosemary

Now the key to this soup is... The ingredients in the () are the ones I stuffed in the cavity of the bird when I originally cooked it. Don't discard those. That intensify the flavor of the soup.

Rinse the beans and soak them overnight. (Well i actually soaked them for about 24 hours.)
Boil the carcass (and leftover meat and veggies) of the bird in just enough water to cover the bird. Cook on medium heat for about 30 mins. This allows the meat to come off the bone without the whole carcass falling apart.

SIDEBAR: Last time I made this soup I boiled the carcass and put all the ingredients in and cooked the whole soup with the bones in. This makes it easier for prep because the meat falls off the bone and into the soup. The hard part it, when eating it you're constantly spitting out bones because the chickens vertebral column falls apart and all the tiny joint bones that you can't see to take out are still in there. so you can choose to do it either way. If you keep the bones in, you'll get more meat AND more flavor.

Scrape the rest of the meat off the bones (as much as you can get) with a wooden spoon. Throw the carcass away.
Boil for about 30 mins more 
Rinse beans again, cook them  (I used a slow cooker) in the chicken stock (just the stock. set aside the meat and veggies)
Once beans are done, return the meat and veggies to the pot.
Chop all other chop-able ingredients and add them to the pot. Put the cinnamon stick in too.
Season to taste with salt and rosemary
Cook over medium heat for about 2 hours.


Happy Eating

***Picture to come***

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