Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Practice Makes Perfect (I hope)

So I wrote a pretty phenomenal variation (of a theme) for two pianos. Scored it and all. It's BEAUTIFUL, if I do say so myself. The software that I use for the notation has the ability to playback the music and it's AMAZING... I'm so happy because I can just see the progress in my composing.


I mean I been sitting here for hours trying to lock this into my fingers with minimal success... Sigh. I mean who writes a composition they can't play.

I'm just taking a little break from it, because I read somewhere that the best way to learn something is to forget it. Because somewhere in your brain, if you forget something and relearn it there are triggers that help it stick. So... while trying to forget to learn this piece, I'll just blog about it... I TOTALLY wish this had audio cuz I would let y'all hear a little snippet. OKAY... Back to practice.

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