Thursday, September 16, 2010

Out of the Box Easy Mac

Kraft Dinner.

You take and boil the noodles, pour the powdered cheese in them and some milk and Voila! Dinner in no time. They got even more fancy with the pouch of already ready cheese you just pour on top!  It's an easy meal to fix when you're low on time, low on energy or both.


It's rather low on taste. And I for one, don't prefer the texture of those noodles. I mean, sure, you can season up some easy mac and make it amazingly edible.  But for those of us that like to treat our palates well, allow me to introduce to you an easy, no fuss, high flavor low intensity homemade version of the easy mac.


Elbow Macaroni
Spices: (You can alter spices according to taste)
-- Salt
-- Black Pepper
-- Cayenne Pepper (I like a little spice)
-- Dried Basil
-- Dried Oregano
-- Dried Rosemary
-- Onion Powder
-- Nutmeg
Cheese: (Use whatever Cheeses you like)
Evaporated Milk


Pour water in a saucepan. Add all your spices. Bring water to a boil. Add Macaroni. Cook approx 8 mins or to your desired texture. Drain Macaroni. Put Macaroni back in pot and back on stove over low heat. Gradually add cheese while stirring pasta. As cheese starts to melt, slowly add in evaporated milk. Keep stirring gently. VOILA!!!

Now... Notice, I didn't have ANY measurements. Why? Because it's all up to taste. You can add as much as little of the spices as you choose. As much cheese as you want, the more cheese the cheesier the macaroni. And the milk, you just add until it's the desired consistency.  This Out of the Box Macaroni is just as easy to make as the bland stuff, but you have soooo much more control over the flavor, the freshness and your ultimate satisfaction.

Happy Eating

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