Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Addiction

I won't lie. I've gone from the ocassional hit, to the social binger, to being completely addicted.

My addiction:


Don't confuse that with an eating addiction. It's not. I eat just as much (or as little) as the next person. But I can't stay away from food related things. Whether I'm browsing my fav websites (allrecipes.com, epicurious.com, foodnetwork.com) for recipes, reading articles about what's new in the food industry, online shopping for new cookware, stopping in to my local farmer's market... WHATEVER IT IS! My life has become consumed with food. How am I gana get my next hit.

I had Cheese Grits for the first time this morning. When I was growing up, all hot, grainy meals were meant for cereal, and therefore sweetened so I have been used to sweetening my grits and pouring milk in them. YUMMY!! But lately I just been cooking them and eating them with just the dash of salt I use to cook them. No further seasoning. But today, I bought some cheese for my chili and since it was on the counter when I made my grits, I thought... WTH... why not.

It was pretty tasty. Nothing spectacular tho.


I'm a foodie at heart. And I spent my last 8 dollars this afternoon at Earth Fare on my way to work because of it... After spending 8 this morning at the Farmer's Market. But I got THE most DELICIOUS sweet and juicy Mango out of my excursion.  I had the remains of a bag of baby spinach in my fridge and I was tryna come up with a lunch out of the little bit of food in my house (grocery shopping time). Well I can always do a spinach salad. So easy to make. I just take baby spinach, add a fruit (peach, strawberry... whatever I have on hand) add some nuts (walnuts, almonds.. kinda depends on what fruit I use or what nuts I have on hand) add some feta cheese and a vinaigrette (usually raspberry). VOILA!! So filling, so tasty. The different flavors, from savory to sweet; the different textures... everything plays together and it's sooo amazing.  So I had the spinach and feta cheese, but no fruit. So I go to the farmer's market to get a peach but they only sold them in cups of about 5 and I didn't want to spend that much money. They also didn't seem ripe. But a sign for $1.99 caught my eye. And a beautiful mango. I touched it and it felt so good. The perfect blend of softness and firmness. So I bought it... and cut it... and took a bite and my taste buds had an foodgasm...

Spinach Salad
About 1 and 1/2 cups baby spinach
Some leftover roast chicken (recipe at "Leftover Days")
about 1/4 of a mango cubed
tomato basil feta cheese
Pomegranate Vinaigrette

This is not it... This is another one I made like it but
No chicken
Sub pecans for almonds

Happy Eating


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