Monday, September 27, 2010

I went to the farmer's market today...

After my post about the frankenstein produce (Read: What are they putting in my veggies???) I decided that I would no longer buy produce from the conventional supermarket. NOPE! Earthfare for me.  And buying groceries for a week would now be out of the question. Because my food will die before the week is out. This leaves me in quite the pickle...

With me being in school full time AND working full time, my schedule goes something like this.

8am - Wakeup
7:05 shower
8:20 dress and prepare my clothes for PE and my work clothes
8:40 Cook 3 meals for the day and prepare 2 snacks
9:30 pack everything I'm going to need for the next 15 hours (literally)
9:45-9:50 rush to school to make it in time for my 10:00
10-2 Classes
2-3 Practice piano and/or score music (I'm a music major)
4-Midnite Work

So how the flip can I shop for groceries every day. I mean, yeah maybe I could skip my practice time (BAD BAD BAD) and go to the store, but the travel time (and gas) towards my job to buy the food then back past the school to my house then back (the opposite direction) past the school to my job... It's not efficient, and very near impossible.


I had to make an unfortunate run to Wal-Mart this morning for an unfortunate reason and a light switched on in my head.

I (COMPLETELY) forgot. The farmer's market is literally around the corner from my house! So I went to the farmer's market cuz I had some beans cooking in the crock pot and some ground turkey thawing in the fridge and I wanted to make chili, but had no peppers, no tomatoes, no garlic, and none of the goodies that makes chili... well... chili.


Everything was so fresh and so cheap and so organized and the lady was so sweet and kind. And look at this HUGE garlic I bought.

I put the one on the right for a size comparison. The one on the right is two cloves of garlic. The huge one on the left, well that's just one! I got some FRESH cayenne pepper. I haven't finished the chili yet (It's a two day process..) But when I do, I'll give you the recipe and the results.

But I digress...

THE FARMER'S MARKET!!! (I'm in love!)
I'm definitely gana make some lasting friendships with the owners there cuz I WILL be there at least 3 times a week if not more.


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