Thursday, September 23, 2010

Edible Sound

What does food and music have in common, you ask?

And to that I reply...

What Doesn't go with Music??

So Anyway.

I had an AHHH-Mazing Musical cooking/eating experience this morning and I've been DYING to share it, tho I doubt that ANYONE would be as excited about this as I am.

So there are Three basic Elements of Music...


The basic building blocks if you will...

But I'll get to that later.

So I'm cooking breakfast this morning. Got some bacon sizzling in the pan (Turkey bacon of course... say no to the oink! lol). I crack open an egg...


(tap, tap, crack, plop)
As I that I started to notice a rhythm. And my sizzlin bacon was accompanying the piece.

I whisked the eggs...
(sh sh sh sh sh sh sh sh)

and suddenly all around me, everything I did, everything I cooked, every sound that was made became part of my delicious symphony.


My Breakfast

I made Bacon Egg and Cheese sandwhichs on Olive Batard, Grits, and I had Canteloupe. And this is where my musical dining experience takes flight.

Rhythm - In my opinion the most fundamental of the elements of music. This one has threads in each of the others. Rhythm can be indicative of the beat, there is the rhythm of the melody and there is harmonic rhythm. I'm not gana give you a music theory lesson right now just take my word for it. Today, I think I'll liken my grits to the rhythm of my meal.

Harmony - Where different tones sound together at the same time to make a richness of sound. Each tone has it's own quality and when they come together they enhance and complement each other. Harmony makes for more interest in a particular piece of music. It's what makes the music sound thick. My sandwich will by the harmony.

Melody - Very simple, very sweet. Usually the focal point of the piece and also the most memorable because it's easier to sing along with. My canteloupe will be the melody.

And my food made a symphony in my mouth

So I chose the grits because Carbohydrates are supposed to make up 55% of your nutritional intake for the day and based on my meal plan for today I had about a meager 10-15%. So, I added grits. That's only a sidebar. But as I was eating I was thinking (about music of course) and all these thoughts rushed to my mind. I'd take a bite of my sandwhich and these 4 different flavors and textures would play with my tongue. They'd each take turns doing a solo and then melt back into sync with each other, enhancing each other and making beautiful harmony. And I'd take a spoon full of grits. It really just felt like it supported my whole meal. It provided me with the heartiness. In the same way that carbohydrates give the energy the fuels your day, the grits can be related to the energy that drove my symphony. It gave my other meal components something to play off of. And that sweet melody of canteloupe on top of it all...


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